Plaster Works

Whether you own a fairly newly built structure and need standard plastering services or skimming or period property which requires lime putty, wattle, and daub work. So just get in touch with Hyper Fixes Technical Services today. We offer our Plastering services throughout the UAE area.

Plastering is a technical task that is carried out by experienced and well-trained masons using different plastering tools. Plastering is the critical stage of any building construction process because it gives the final look. All defects or irregularities of walls must be covered during plaster and the wall will get a smooth and flawless finish.

Before plastering our professional masons wait for the wall to dry and cure with clean water until the bricks stop absorbing water. They carried out this process at least 8-10 hours before plastering the walls. If this process is not carried out right before plaster, the mortar will not work out on walls or when it settles and dries, cracks will appear on the surface. 

So this technical task must be carried out by professionals and our plastering workers are expert enough to do.

Hyper Fixes Plastering Services

Our expert plastering services in Dubai includes:

  • External and Internal rendering & skimming
  • Skim & Re-skims
  • Plasterboard skimming
  • Plastering-boarding
  • Dry lining
  • Skimming over Artex
  • Coving
  • Traditional Plastering Techniques (lime putty, wattle and daub plastering)
  • Plaster repair and maintenance services